An aquarium of 50 liters
Aquarium (lat. aquarium ) — transparent container for permanent keeping of aquatic organisms. It typically refers to a home aquarium (room) aquarium for keeping fish aquarium in home; for technical…

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Mediterranean sea on the brink of ecological disaster
No one doubts that the Mediterranean sea is one of the most beautiful seas of our planet! Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see the fabulous beauty of…

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Amazon com the Arkhangelsk province
Fishermen in the Arkhangelsk region took out a strange catch in the area of ferry crossing Bereznik and aspen: they pulled from the water an unusual fish with the head…

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5 most amazing marine life

1. The Humboldt Squid. The size of this predatory marine life can exceed 2 meters. Inhabits squid off the coast of Central America at a depth of 700 meters. The locals call it sea monster, or red devil and tell you that there were cases when the giant squid was dragged fishermen from the ship directly into the sea.

2. Long-tailed Chimera. This unique fish impresses with its futuristic view – it has a “shovel-nose” and a pointed tail. Chimera lives in the North Atlantic off the coast of Japan and New Zealand. Its length varies from 60 to 100 centimeters. In case of danger Chimera raises a poisonous dorsal fin. Chimera leads mainly benthic life and feeds on crabs, urchins and other small sea animals.

3. Fish-drop . It is considered the most unattractive fish on Earth. Her frowning “expression” is explained by the structure – the diameter of the eyes is narrower than the interorbital space, and on the front part of the head has appendage-like hook nose. Fish-drop lives at depths of 800 meters and lifting it to the surface deforms due to pressure difference. This fish feeds on small invertebrates. Continue reading

Sharks in Tenerife

Going on vacation, I want to prepare for it perfectly, to protect yourself and your family from various surprises and avoid problems. And sometimes, tourists who decide to visit the Canary Islands, there are such unusual reasons to worry, as the presence of sharks in Tenerife.

Sharks attacking peacefully swimming vacationers, now one of the most popular topics in the news and on the discussion forums. And in this regard, often there are questions about sharks in Tenerife — whether they are in coastal waters?

Cheat will not, as you know, in the waters of the Atlantic, many species of sharks.

Species of sharks in Tenerife

Around the coast of the island of Tenerife is found only three species — whale sharks, Katran and shark angels, the most dangerous, such as the white shark or the shark molokoobrazovania in the region of the Canary Islands are not inhabited. Continue reading

Aquarium fish
When it comes to buying a pet, people often forget about aquarium fish. And for good reason, because it's a very aesthetic animals can teach responsibility because they require a…


Very scary stories about fish
One day I decided to completely change the water in your aquarium. Well, at first all was well, until, until I began to catch fish. They have all grown rather…