Marine aquarium maintenance fish marine aquarium
The content of the fish in a saltwater aquarium can be very challenging. Maintenance of the necessary salinity of the water and a sufficiently high oxygen level in it even…

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Preparations for the care of water in the garden pond
Algae is a natural part of any body of water, including garden ponds. As one of the most important parts of the food chain, they are the basis of life…

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Fish of the Black sea
Katran - black (Squalus acanthias ponticus) Reaches a body length of 2 m (usually 1.5 m). Found only in the Black sea waters to depths of 60 m. Attention. All…

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Dangerous for human inhabitants of the red sea

Going on vacation to Egypt, it should be remembered that in the Red sea is home to many dangerous species of fish and shellfish and that your vacation turned into a nightmare, it is necessary to observe elementary safety rules.

One of the biggest predators – shark in the Red sea about thirty species. As a rule, sharks don’t attack people for no reason, not approaching the coast, but accidents still happen.

Very poisonous mollusk, the cone, seeing him, do not rush to grab hands. The venom of this marine life causes an immediate paralysis of the limbs, can occur stop breathing and anaphylactic shock. According to statistics, every third bite of the cone is lethal.

Starfish. Are about the size of one meter. It is beautiful, they have at their ends are sharp spikes. If you accidentally step on star, get a sharp prick and burning sensation.

A sea serpent. Her sting is several times more poisonous than the bite of a Cobra. Save only that the action of the poison is manifested very slowly, and if timely medical aid, then all will be fine.

Lionfish or Zebra fish. This marine life afraid of my other fish. Its appearance resembles a colorful fan, some bites can be fatal. The injection of such fish slows heart muscle,can cause complete heart failure. The first effects of the burning and unbearable pain. There is one unusual method of first aid in the event of a lionfish sting: the poison is destroyed by exposure to high temperatures, so until the arrival of the ambulance, it is desirable to lower the bitten limb in the most hot water.

Moray. The color of this marine fish depends on its habitat, sometimes dark brown or brown. It has no fins and scales, but there is a thin, sharp teeth. Activated at night, the day most often rest in the rocks. There are also species as small as ten centimeters.

Sea urchins. As a rule, rest on the reefs and in clear water they are easy to spot. The best method of protection – rubber Slippers.

Electric ray. The category of this inhabitant painful and can cause paralytic shock. Even in the Red sea is home to stingrays, with the spike at the end of the tail.

Having met some of these dangerous sea creatures, first of all, no need to approach them, reducing the safe distance. Don’t need to swim in the open sea, swim in the dark, do not swim far from the shore. If the body has any bleeding wound or cut, it is better to stay on the beach.

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