Carp. Types of carp. Record-breaking carp.
Class: ray-finned fish Order: Cypriniformes Family: Carp Gender: Carp Dorsal fin long, pharyngeal teeth single-row. The body high with the thick back, moderately compressed from sides. Scales large and smooth…

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Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) is a fish of flatfish family. Flounder is a common name for several species of marine flat fish. Different from other fish very flattened body and location…

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The denizens of the deep
15. Lionfish Fish-LiveDrive our rating of the most unusual inhabitants of the deep and dangerous at the same time, amazing lionfish, also known as striped lionfish, or Zebra fish. This…

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Who to fear on the Red Sea?

Until tempers cool about sharks Bay Sharm El Sheikh, I would like to remind that there in the Red sea is not less dangerous inhabitants. Will tell you about some of them:

Jerzy. If the people of Japan it is a real delicacy, it is possible for tourists on the Red sea, thanks to their sharp needles, the trouble is a real one. In shallow water there is a big risk to step on them. So always watch your step, if the bottom is not sandy. Sea urchins inhabit the coastal waters, often settling there in the cavities of the rocks. Reach a length of 35 centimeters (depending on the species).

If You stepped on a hedgehog, the first thing you need to remove the needle from the body. Doctors advise to clean the wound with hot water or drop into her injured body. Then clean the wound with warm water and soap and apply an anesthetic ointment. The prick hedgehogs in extreme cases lead to paralysis or even death.

Lionfish . Predatory fish up to 30 cm long sharp poisonous game Spartan in veele fins. During the day lionfish is usually inactive, hiding in crevices or are belly up at the ceiling of underwater caves. Injections this fish is dangerous and can result in death.

Surgeon fish. Beautiful blue fish, but its danger is that it leads an active life not at night and in dneproavia, presenting a danger to divers. Called a surgeon from sharp spikes, plates disposed on the fins of the fish. Not afraid of people and may attack them. Body length from 10 cm to 1 meter. Meeting with fish-surgeon, as to other inhabitants of the red sea dangerous.

Sea snakes. Off the coast of Egypt in recent time, there are rarely tourists, unlike the mid 90-ies. only attacking in self-defense. Reach a length of 1 meter. Poisonous.

Moray. Fish from the family of acne, which can reach a length of 3 meters and weight up to 10 pounds. Hides among underwater rocks and coral reefs in crevices and caves. Dangerous to humans, if disturbed, it will attack all the force of his jaw with sharp teeth.

Barracuda . Live in packs and in General for man is not dangerous. All attacks on humans have been in muddy water. Distinguished from eels by their speed, often referred to as “torpedoes” because of their speed. Similar in appearance to our pike, but much larger.

But still the most common way to get injured in the Red sea is a burn from the coral. Let’s hope that this is the maximum that can happen to You at the red sea resorts. Be careful!

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