Fish monkfish
In the Atlantic ocean, the Black sea and off the coast of India dwells amazing and a bit scary fish monkfish .With it is associated a very curious phenomenon. For…

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Piranhas river monsters

The Number – Cypriniformes
Family – Priniv
The genus/Species – Serrasalmus nattereri

Basic data:
Length: average 20 cm, in some species up to 50 cm.
Mass rarely exceeding 1.5 kg.

Spawning: March-August.
Caviar: a few thousand eggs.
The incubation period is 10-15 days, depending on water temperature.

Habits: constant float huge flocks.
Food: primarily fish; attack mammals, floating or come to the waterhole, and birds.

18 known species of piranhas, 4 of which are dangerous to humans, although fatal cases have been identified.

All piranhas have large mouths with protruding teeth terrible. Different species of piranha are distinguished from each other by color: most fish have olive-green or black with blue tint back, and the sides and belly are dark or silver-gray.

Piranhas kept huge flocks that spend most of its time hunting for prey. These typical river fish during the flood can be found in the sea. However, in a sea of piranha are not able to spawn. Voracious piranhas can live only in the fish-abundant rivers. Most often they are found in shallow water, at great depths in muddy water – if only there was food in abundance.


Stories about attacks by piranhas on humans can be heard in all of South America. Some of them are true but most are myths. The fact that piranhas prefer human victims, are also fiction. Hungry piranhas are not picky about food and eat whatever is nearby. And yet the story about the pack of piranhas man-eating told fairly often. In the US once there was even a club, the members of which took only bitten by a piranha people.
Today, there is another danger to humans by piranhas. Now these fish are often kept in public and Amateur aquariums. Piranhas love aquarists, especially in the US. Aquarium although piranhas represent the same hazard as their wild relatives, in spite of this, trying to settle them in ponds, lakes and reservoirs, often not realizing the consequences of such a reckless and wanton misconduct.
In many reservoirs because of low water temperature a piranha can live and reproduce. But there are cases, when appropriate, as close as possible to the natural conditions of existence of these fish, they are found in fairly large quantities.

These predatory fish hunt prey that rely on speed and surprise. Sometimes they lie in wait for the victim to the shelter, where in case of attack: the pack attacks her and devours, with each fish operates independently from the other members of the pack. Piranhas are known for their very fine sense of smell that helps them to find prey. They immediately notice the presence of blood in the water. Piranhas are always on the alert and not miss opportunities to attack, eating everyone who gets in their way.
In muddy water piranhas are a danger to all the animals in the pond. Piranha swiftly pounce on the victim throughout the flight. Fish subjected to such attack, panic and try to flee in all directions, but fast piranha catch them one small they swallow whole, and larger prey tear off pieces of meat and immediately swallow them again vetica teeth into the victim.
A flock of adult piranhas destroys everything that gets in her way, even males pulled up aquatic vegetation. Scientists have found, however, that piranha are not touching healthy catfish kind of Narooma. These catfish without fear of coming to the piranha and something removed from their sides.

Piranha Under this title in the rivers of tropical and subtropical forests found 20 species of related fish. Piranhas live in packs, though, and have very sharp teeth, alone almost safe, because their length of about ZO cm Torso are high, the muzzle is blunt, color — blue with spots, yellowish below. Piranhas eat any live food, carrion, can catch insects, deftly jumping out of the water.
The strength of these fish is their rapid mass attack. The pack of piranhas are afraid of even clad in armour crocodiles at their approach roll over on his back, protecting the least protected paws and belly. The local population catches fish for this fish soup. These interesting fishes are bred in aquariums. Here she loses aggressiveness, moreover, becomes nervous, fearful.


Piranha with sharp teeth capable of crushing bone and even steel wire.
It is believed that piranhas attack only those fish whose length is at least 4 times their width. Fish whose length exceeds the width of piranhas no more than three times, can not be afraid of these predators.
Piranhas in a matter of minutes is able to eat an animal the size of a pig. There is evidence that piranhas in a minute freed the skeleton of the world’s largest rodent – Guinea pig – from the soft, edible parts.

Flat teeth are wedge-shaped with sharp as needles, the tops dig into the tough skin of the victim. Sharp as a razor, the edges of the teeth allow piranhas to “cut” the meat and bones.
Teeth of both jaws have the same structure. The upper teeth are smaller when the mouth is closed are placed in the gaps between the lower.

Piranhas inhabit the rivers of the South American continent. The most numerous populations are found in the rivers of Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, Brazil and Central Argentina.
One of the 18 species of these unpretentious predators, feeding mainly on fish, the danger of extinction threatens.

Fish monkfish
In the Atlantic ocean, the Black sea and off the coast of India dwells amazing and a bit scary fish monkfish .With it is associated a very curious phenomenon. For…


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