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Sharks in Tenerife

Going on vacation, I want to prepare for it perfectly, to protect yourself and your family from various surprises and avoid problems. And sometimes, tourists who decide to visit the Canary Islands, there are such unusual reasons to worry, as the presence of sharks in Tenerife.

Sharks attacking peacefully swimming vacationers, now one of the most popular topics in the news and on the discussion forums. And in this regard, often there are questions about sharks in Tenerife — whether they are in coastal waters?

Cheat will not, as you know, in the waters of the Atlantic, many species of sharks.

Species of sharks in Tenerife

Around the coast of the island of Tenerife is found only three species — whale sharks, Katran and shark angels, the most dangerous, such as the white shark or the shark molokoobrazovania in the region of the Canary Islands are not inhabited.

Katran is one of the most common sharks in Tenerife, they reach 1-1,5 in length, feed on small fish and completely safe for humans. Katran is one of the few species of sharks, suitable for human consumption. For the fisherman, to catch a shark in Tenerife. a real stroke of luck. Sharks in Tenerife caught like a common fish and is widely used in Canarian cuisine.

Whale sharks are the largest among their species, however, feed on small planktonic animals. These sharks in Tenerife is absolutely safe, the structure of its digestive tract, formatumu, in principle, does not allow to hunt such large prey as a man.

Sea angels — this type of sharks in Tenerife, leading benthic lifestyle. Size angelfish — up to 2.4 m, feeding on small demersal fish and invertebrates. To humans do not pose a risk to the Bank is almost not swim.

In addition, sharks in Tenerife don’t like to approach the coast due to the fact that the water here is quite cold.

And the fact that in Tenerife there were no cases of shark attacks on people, gives reason to hope that it will be in the future.

In short, sharks in Tenerife there is no fear, safe swimming, surfing, diving and to enjoy recreation. And the only place where you can actually see sharks in Tenerife is loro Park. there they swim in a glass pool and a lot of fun to watch them, being in complete safety.

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