5 most amazing marine life
1. The Humboldt Squid. The size of this predatory marine life can exceed 2 meters. Inhabits squid off the coast of Central America at a depth of 700 meters. The…

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Typical representatives of the nekton is the herring. It is well known that this fish has great commercial value. Until comparatively recently, it was promyshlyali in such large quantities that…

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Fish grown artificial, dangerous product?
Interested in your opinion - how to choose safe salmon, all adored the fish. A few tips: 1. Do not buy fish with meat a bright pink color. Diet artificial…

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Very scary stories about fish

One day I decided to completely change the water in your aquarium. Well, at first all was well, until, until I began to catch fish. They have all grown rather large, especially melkogalechnye soma . size by 25 cm.

In General, I polyuria all the fish from the aquarium, leaving only these catfish. Here I caught and the last, and it’s so big that barely fits in the net. And I, that he inadvertently jumped, covered it with a net by hand.

Com also, issuing a grunting sound and strongly, twitching stared me their pectoral fins (they are quite large and powerful) right under the skin of the index finger, so much so that I lost consciousness for a few minutes from the agony. Don’t even know how this is possible, apparently, touched some pressure point or something worse.

Well, in General, the replacement of the water failed miserably. But I in no case after the story has not lost interest in my aquarium. Just act now, be careful, and when I catch their fish, remember firmly that it is better not to touch.

Very unpleasant memories will remain with me from one fishing. I went at it with the expectation to stay for five hours, no more, but returned home only after four days.

In platygaster (about 10 hours) I just started to catch and after twenty minutes caught sea catfish small fish, with fins on the hollow spines filled with poison similar to poison sandy EFy.

By their carelessness I was pinned on one barb, and in two hours after the incident lying on the operating table where the surgeon had cleaned my finger of toxins, mucus and a few grams already decomposed blackened meat from the place of injection.

The next day the doctor told me “it’s Good that you weren’t waiting till the morning, pereterplyu pain, and immediately came to the hospital, because in the morning you’d have to cut my arm off”.

After that, I really do not like sea catfish.

According to the materials of the Tashkent Forum aquarium website

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