The truth about modern fish. Explain why cheap fish better.
Pros: tasty, inexpensive, very useful Someone in my family loves fish. I have therefore tried many kinds of fish and ways of cooking. And in this case, the issue price…

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Fish in the garden pond.
In order to breed breeds that are demanding oxygen (carp, pike, etc.), you need to set a large enough reservoir. If to breed carp or carps to grow, a reservoir…

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Scorbanova Family (Scorpaenidae)
Representatives of the family Scorpaenidae are widely distributed throughout the tropical seas and temperate. Several species also occurs in Arctic waters. Many scorbanova reach large sizes and are considered commercially…

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Habitat Black Marlin

This type of Marlin lives in the tropical latitudes of the Indian and Pacific oceans.
Marlin fish is pelagic, i.e., living in the water column. Black Marlin prefers to stay on the not very great depths ( 200 meters), in contrast to Blue Marlin. He is constantly moving, but the largest concentration of this fish still falls on the coastal areas and surrounding Islands. Apparently, this is due to forage base Marlin.
Marlene is a thermophilic fish and to meet him outside of tropical latitudes is almost impossible. Although scientists observing the migration of Marlin, revealed an interesting fact: a few fish had rounded the Cape of Good Hope and were thus in the Atlantic ocean. And some instances during migrations cover great distances, from Brazil to the lesser Antilles. However, scientists are inclined to believe that this is the exception rather than the rule and usually Black Marlin does not make such long distance travel.

Description Black Marlin:

A distinctive feature of Black Marlin are pectoral fins that are not formed along the body, and are always perpendicular. Also, unlike Blue (Blue) Marlin, the Black body is not round in cross section, and rather strongly flattened laterally.
The dorsum coloration issinja-black, sides silvery, belly white. Sometimes on the sides of the Black Marlin can see horizontal blue stripes.
The average weight of Black Marlin 100-140 kg (females) and 200-230 kg (males). According to the International Fishing Association IGFA is the largest Black Marlin was caught in 1953 off the coast of Peru. Its weight was 707,61 kg.

Black Marlin is an active predator. Basically, he preys on tuna, makrela, koriten and other fish, which are able to cope. Also, studying the stomach contents of caught Black Marlin, the researchers concluded that squids, crabs and lobsters also constitute a certain proportion in their menu.

Ways of catching Black Marlin:

Black Marlin is one of the species included in the Offshore Grand Slam ( the so-called “Grand slam” in distance from the coast, at the seaside. It includes blue Marlin, black Marlin and two swordfish.)
Of course, Black Marlin desirable prey for any angler.
How do we hunt this strong and noble fish?
The main method of fishing – sea trolling with the use of different surface lures: some kinds of wobblers, “Octopussy” and snastochki of dead fish (mackerel, mackerel, flying fish, etc.). A good nozzle is also live fish.
Body shape and power, which it has generously endowed nature, allow it to accelerate to 100 km/h and above. In conjunction with a violent temper and explosive character of this marine predator, the fight it turns into the whole idea with
an infinite series of magnificent candlesticks, passage over the surface of the tail and speed of the circles, winding around the boat.
The process of fighting, depending on the size of the fish, may last for hours.

Basically, the hunt for black Marlin on the principle “catch & release”,
and with proper treatment of a prisoner, most of them without consequences to tolerate the process of a fight.
The fact that the process of respiration in Marlin directly linked with the movement. So, moving in the ocean, this fish always keeps the mouth slightly open so the water is enriched with oxygen, passed through the gills.
Otherwise the fish after a while dies. Given this feature, if the fish you plan to release, the fishermen do not get her on Board, and freed from the hooks of the lure in the water. The boat continues to move at low speed, creating water movement.

Culinary value:

Meat Black Marlin is highly prized in the cuisines of different countries. In addition to traditional soups and cooking on the coals, the meat of the Marlin is part of Japanese sushi kajiki produced almost
not applicable the cooking process.

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